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Preparing Ubuntu and Install Zimbra CS

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During this week I spent every night at my laptop, to get the the server running. Not because the installation is so hard, no because I don’t want to RTFM. So I had to run the setup several times. It’s important that you have a valid A-Record and MX-Record for your Zimbra Collaboration Server. During the setup those two DNS parameters will be checked. It seems that you can install the software even when you have not configured it but I read in some forums that you can get errors. You’ll also need to edit the /etc/hosts file in order to get a successful installation.            localhost.localdomain   localhost       mail

As with every fresh installed Ubuntu system you should also run apt-get upgrade to get the latest fixes. If you start the ZCS installation now it will stop due to missing dependencies. I had to install some additional packages.

apt-get install libpcre3 libgmp3c2 libstdc++5

Possibly you’ll have to install more or less packages depending on your core installation and the selected options. The Zimbra installation can begin. First untar/gunzip the archive file and then start the installation through the installation script.


The installer will ask you which components should be installed. As I’ve to less RAM for all of them I’ve decided to leave the proxy, logger and the memcached option. After that you can configure loads of parameters but the only one which is really needed is the admin password. Press menu 4, then 3 to set the password. Then press a to apply the options and save the configuration in a file as suggested. The setup will try to start the services after the installation but here I got in trouble. The RAM was already full and the Java virtual machine couldn’t be started. Bad for me and I first thought of getting more RAM for my Vserver but in the end I found some more helpful stuff on the web to go on without expanding memory and spending more money. In case you have a Vserver or physical box with just 1 GB of memory, wait for an upcoming article which will give you the needed parameters to successfully run ZCS.

Written by Christoph Harding

April 16th, 2010 at 2:50 am

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Zimbra: Hello world!

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For a long time I was running Mail Enable, a Windows based mail server application for my private emails. Mail Enable is free when you just host a few domains on it but the disadvantage for me was that it’s just offering plain email services like SMTP and POP3, no calendar or task management. Since VMware acquired Zimbra at the beginning of this year I was thinking about a installation of their Zimbra Collaboration Server. Last week I’ve ordered a Vserver at Host Europe, to install Zimbra and already at Tuesday the delivered the login information. As the Vserver was preconfigured with a mail and web server  I had to “clean” the machine before I could install ZCS. Today I finally got everything working and I’ve send and received my first email.

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Written by Christoph Harding

April 15th, 2010 at 6:00 pm

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