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WSX might change the virtual desktop game!

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Yesterday Duncan Epping published a new article about the VMware Workstation and Fusion Tech Preview. The most interesting part for me was WSX, a new technology in those products which makes it possible to access the VM desktop via a standard web browser. WSX makes use of some web technologies such as Web Sockets and HTML Canvas with a lightweight web server in the background. You can find a more detailed description of this technology here:


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My first thought when I read the article was: How could that new technology work with VMware View?

The article mentioned above also describes the playback of a Youtube video via WSX which was even more interesting to me. That really sounds like an additional option for delivering a desktop to an enduser without having a client software installed. And if this works with a full desktop it should also work with “only” applications. Is Project AppBlast already here? What are your thoughts?

Written by Christoph Harding

March 15th, 2012 at 11:36 am

Posted in VMware

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