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Mirage Best Practice: Create MirageAdmin Group before installation

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It is recommended and Best Practice to create a MirageAdmin Group before you start the installation of the components.

Domain Based Active Directory Group Procedure:

  • Prior to Mirage installation, please perform the following actions:
    • Create the Mirage Administrators Group – a new domain group e.g. MirageAdmin
    • Add this new or existing domain group to the local administrators group on the Mirage Management server i.e. Add “\MirageAdmins” to the local administrators group on the Mirage server via the local users and groups configuration window – administrators group
  • It is recommended to create a new Domain User to run the Mirage services (“Mirage Services Account”). Add the Mirage Services the Mirage Administrators Group.
    • Creating a new account will allow better, secured access to the Mirage Storage.
  • Add the Installing Account (that will be used for installing Mirage services) to the Mirage Administrator Group.
    • The Installing Account should also have the access privileges mentioned above.
  • During Installation of Mirage Management Server
    • Login as the Installing Account.
    • Enter the Mirage Services Account when prompted during the installation. The syntax used for fully qualified name is DOMAIN\username
    • Enter the Mirage Administrator Group in the same installation wizard screen. The syntax used for fully qualified name is DOMAIN\group

Installation Errors with wrong security privileges

The Mirage installation could fail with “Failed setting default server policies: BI rules.” if you are using Built-In AD groups. Built-In groups are cannot be used as a Mirage Administrator group.

Mirage BI Rule failed

Written by Christian Gehring

March 5th, 2013 at 11:56 am

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