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VMware View Visio Stencils

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Very cool work by Joshua Townsend who put together a Microsoft Visio Stencil for VMware View. The set has 184 shapes today. Well done! You can download the stencil following the Link to Joshua’s blog post at the end of this article.


Image source:


Written by Christoph Harding

September 17th, 2012 at 6:14 pm

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Adding standard URLs/Hyperlinks/Websites to Horizon Application Manager

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The VMware Horizon Application Manager offers unified application access to the end users i.e. they can access web and SaaS apps or ThinApp applications via the portal. A customer asked if it is also possible to add just standard hyperlinks to the users workspace so the end user has direct access to the websites from a single point. I’ve talked to on of our system engineers and we found a solution which works.

In the Horizon Application Manager Administrator you’ve to add an new application and give it a name and then add the URL to the field “Login Redirection URL”.


Then choose “Manual Configuration” at the option “Configure Via” and add the URL again to the field “Assertion Consumer Service”.



Save the new application and you will see it in the application overview. The Horizon Application Manager has also grabbed the favico so the user will see the icon in the portal later.


And this is how the end user will see it!


That’s it! Feel free to try this solution!

Written by Christoph Harding

September 13th, 2012 at 7:45 am

The EUC book – Paperback available

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The new book “Building End-User Computing Solutions with VMware View is now available as Paperback. Please visit the link below to learn more.



Written by Christoph Harding

September 10th, 2012 at 2:07 pm

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VMware Mirage Product Manager talks about Windows deployment

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VMware’s Product Manager Jay Tomlin who’s responsible for VMware Mirage has published an interesting read on the VMware End User Computing blog. He’s asking the question: “Why is it still a challenge to deploy Windows images to an end point?”.  There are a few reasons for that! Check the article to get an deeper insight.

Here’s a quick overview of the new functionality in version 3.6:

VMware Mirage v3.6 introduces the following features and improvements:

  • Base Layer (BL) Provisioning – Prepares a new device to be part of the organization by cleaning up the device files, applying an existing BL, and then seamlessly migrating the contents of the endpoint to the Mirage Server (as in Centralize Endpoint).
  • Fusion support – Mirage supports managing desktops running in a Fusion hypervisor for Macs.
  • Streaming enhancements
    1. During Restore processing, you can view the streaming status of each downloading file. You are notified if a file you try to open is not finished downloading, and advised when that file becomes ready for use.
    2. Performance improvements were implemented which promote faster response time and enhanced user experience.
  • Scalability improvements – Faster management console response time in larger scale CVD configurations.
  • Reconnecting a device to a CVD (Force Upload) – A device that has lost its synchronization for any reason can be reconnected to its CVD and can continue backing up incremental changes as before.
  • Default Policy Auto Selection
    1. In endpoint assignment wizard streams, a default Upload Policy (predefined in Security Settings) automatically applies to the endpoint if no other policy is specifically selected.
    2. Configuration tabs are more logically organized – Upload Policy selection moved from CVD Auto Creation tab to General tab.

If you want to try Mirage please visit this website:

To learn more about the solution you can download the data sheet or FAQ.



Written by Christoph Harding

September 7th, 2012 at 10:38 am

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Video: Autodesk CAD and Call of Duty via VMware View

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This is just brilliant! The DELL Solution Center Team published a video on running Autodesk CAD Software and Call of Duty on a VMware View virtual desktop, using the new VSGA capabilities and a NVIDIA Quattro graphics adapter.

Written by Christoph Harding

August 29th, 2012 at 10:35 pm

VMworld: Horizon Suite Demo (Video)

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Written by Christoph Harding

August 29th, 2012 at 9:33 am

VMware Showcases Advancements in End User Computing at VMworld® 2012

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Today VMware has announced loads of new stuff in the End User Computing space! The Horizon Suite is a great step into the Post PC Era or how Steve Herrod said: The Multi Device Era. The press release you’ll find when following the link will give you a great overview of all announcements VMware made.


Written by Christoph Harding

August 28th, 2012 at 9:50 pm

VMworld 2012 – Replay of the Day 2 Keynote (End User Computing)

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If you’ve missed today’s keynote from Steve Herrod, you can replay it via On24. Just visit the link below. Hot topics: Project App Shift, Horizon Suite.



Written by Christoph Harding

August 28th, 2012 at 9:47 pm

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What? VMware Fusion 5 Professional?

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Bildschirmfoto 2012 08 23 um 20 39 01

I’m was very excited when I read the news about the new versions of VMware Workstation and Fusion. Loads of great new features and product enhancements but the coolest part was the announcement of a new Fusion version especially for businesses. As you may know VMware Fusion was more a consumer product but with more and more companies using Macs there was a huge demand for a enterprise version. I’ll talk about the features in a second but before the most sexy part: If you buy the Fusion Professional license for $99 you’ll also get a commercial license of VMware Player inclusive. This means that you can run virtual machines on MacOSX, Windows and Linux!

  • But now back to the new features!
  • Restricted virtual machines – Control policies around your virtual machine, limit access to settings or disable connecting USB devices.
  • Mass deployment for Fusion – The Professional version comes with a set of tools to help IT to deploy Fusion.
  • Deploy virtual machines on MAC and PC – Fusion Professional supports BYOPC programs by including VMware Player. You can use the same license key for Fusion and Player. Run restricted machines on Windows, Linux and Mac.

And loads more …. (Check the link at the end of the article!)

Check this table from the VMware website to compare the features:

Features VMware Fusion 5 VMware Fusion 5 
Optimized for OS X Mountain Lion
Optimized for Windows 8
Retina Display Optimization
USB 3 support
Enhanced battery management
Enhanced performance
1-click snapshot
Linux 3D
Embedded Learning Center
Create restricted VMs
Restricted settings menu
Limit access to USB devices in Windows
Customized help
VMware Player included
Network editor
Eligible for VMware Basic Support
Volume pricing available


Please feel free to visit the VMware Fusion Professional website with the following link.


Written by Christoph Harding

August 23rd, 2012 at 8:54 pm

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Flexibility and Control: End User Computing with EMC and VMware

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Please join VMware and EMC for a joint webcast about End User Computing. The webcast will start on Thursday, 02 August at 8:00AM PT / 11:00AM ET.

You’ll learn:

  • Increase Performance. Boot 1,000 Desktops in 8 minutes; speed backups by 10x with high-performance, deduplicated backups; and add more users while meeting demanding service levels.
  • Increase Efficiency. Scale to thousands of users without disruption; reduce backup storage by 10-30x; gain end user self-restore; and ensure complete protection.
  • Increase Confidence. Combine EMC solutions tested and validated for VMware; tight VMware integration; and over 400 VMware Certified Professionals, to ensure smooth, successful deployments.

Please visit the following link to register for this event.


Written by Christoph Harding

July 31st, 2012 at 10:55 pm

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