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New VMware End User Computing Content (Website update)

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There are a few new documents and articles on the VMware website which are very valuable and a good read. Please feel see to check the new content.

Security Considerations for VMware Horizon View 5.2

VMware Horizon View Optimization Guide for Windows 7 and Windows 8

Storage Considerations for VMware Horizon View 5.2

No neckties in the paper shredder: VMware Horizon Mirage Branch Reflectors

Securely deliver apps, data and desktops to personal devices

Horizon Mirage Client uploads through an F5 load balancer or IPSec VPN network device fail due to frequent disconnects

If you find any new documents which are worth to share please let me know!

Written by Christoph Harding

June 5th, 2013 at 11:52 am

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Registration Now Open: Germany North VMUG Meeting (End User Computing)

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Join the next VMUG meeting in Hamburg on 13th June 2013. This time the VMUG is all about VMware End User Computing. They’ve setup a great agenda which includes all hot topics in End User Computing. Especially the VMware Horizon Mirage part is very interesting as a customer talks about their experience during a migration.

The location is again well chosen:

Gastwerk Hotel Hamburg
Beim Alten Gaswerk 3
22761 Hamburg, Germany

And here’s the agenda:

  • 10:00 Frühstück
  • 10:15 Eröffnung – Christian Brosch & Lars Wulf
  • 10:30 Trend Micro Live Demo: Agentenlos! Cloud-übergreifend! Einfach! Trend Micro Deep Security – die optimale Sicherheitsplattform für vmware Umgebungen – Markus Schönberger, Trend Micro
  • 11:30 Horizon ThinApp, Tips und Tricks aus dem Alltag – Sacha Thiede, VMware
  • 12:30 Kleine Stärkung
  • 13:00 Weihnachten mal anders – Der Umzug von 2500 Arbeitsplätzen in 15 Tagen – Was FlexOffice mit VMware Mirage zu tun hat – Stefan Brandstetter, ADAC e.V.
  • 14:00 Horizon View 5.2 – Claudia Leonhard, VMware
  • 15:00 Kaffeepause 
  • 15:30 Horizon Workspace Die Lösung!!! Claudia Leonhard, VMware
  • 16:30 Ausklang an der Hotelbar

Don’t forget that you can also meet some great people there! Discuss End User Computing with other customers and of course with the VMware End User Computing System Engineers and Consultants from the Professional Services Organization.

Click here for the registration. For more information please click here for the event detail page.

This event is sponsored by Trend MICRO.

Written by Christoph Harding

May 10th, 2013 at 8:17 am

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It’s time to vote! VMworld public voting has begun!

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Update: I forgot this session: 4960 Things you never thought were possible with ThinApp


Bildschirmfoto 2013 04 23 um 21 49 20

Here we go – The public voting for the VMworld sessions is open and three of our sessions are online. It would be great if you could support us! Here is an overview of what you can expect.

Managing Windows desktops is like playing with Lego (Disclaimer: But only if using Horizon Mirage and ThinApp)

Everyone loves the simple approach of Lego in terms of inventing and building new things. Just throw some Lego bricks together and build something completely new. And when you have a new idea you can simply build something completely different again. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could build Windows desktops as easy as building something with Lego? With VMware Horizon Mirage and ThinApp you can do exactly this. Just think about all these different components like drivers, operating system, applications, anti virus as different bricks which can be combined in every possible way you can imagine. We show you how you can accomplish this using Horizon Mirage and ThinApp.

Dare to compare: Mirage application layering and ThinApp

This session compares Mirage application layering and ThinApp. We will start by examine how each of the products work and how they compare. We will discuss pros and cons of each product and show how we can offer the best of both worlds by combining them. As conclusion we will show different use cases and explain which product will the best fit.

Horizon Suite and ThinApp – the perfect match

ThinApp is now an integral part of the Horizon Suite. It brings new functionalities and advantages to each product (i.e. Mirage, Workspace and View) included in the Horizon Suite.. Do you want to know how you can track the usage of your ThinApp packages? Or maybe you always wanted to use ThinApp in your branch offices but until now it was a hassle to deploy those packages to your branch office users? VMware Horizon View, Mirage and Workspace in combination with ThinApp can help you with that. Attend this session if you want to learn what this new match made in heaven has to offer and which benefits each of the products gains.

Christoph Harding, Desktop Business Manager, VMware
Christoph Harding joined VMware in 2007 as a Specialist for End User Computing solutions. His IT career started back in 1997 as a System Engineer for Citrix and Novell technologies. Today he’s in the role of a EUC Sales Specialist at VMware Germany covering the whole End User Computing portfolio. Christoph was already a speaker at VMworld Europe and other industry events.
Tim Arenz, EUC Consultant, VMware
Tim Arenz joined VMware in July 2012 as a Consultant in VMware Professional Services Organization in Germany.. With 10+ years of experience in designing and implementing application and desktop virtualization solutions he realized many projects with up to ten thousands of users. At VMware Tim is focused on End-User Computing covering ThinApp, Mirage, View and Horizon Workspace.


Written by Christoph Harding

April 23rd, 2013 at 9:59 pm

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VMware Windows 7 Migration Twitter Chat March 26th at 6am and 9am PST

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Coming soon! The VMware Windows 7 Migration Twitter Chat! Join VMware invites everyone to the #vEUCchat on March 26th at 6am and 9am PST. 

Who’s chatting with you?

The VMware EUC Team (@VMwareMirage) and Forrester Analyst Dave Johnson (@david_kjohnson)

To download the calendar invite click on the time: 6am | 9am

It’s recommended to use Twitterchat. The Hashtag for the event is #vECUchat

Here’s what VMware says:

Windows XP support ends in April 2014, at which time any remaining XP deployments can leave organizations at risk for compliance violations, security vulnerabilities and undesired support costs associated with user satisfaction and productivity.  This Twitter Chat is designed to help address important questions and challenges IT is currently mitigating, while offering industry insight and solutions to move toward successful implementations.


Written by Christoph Harding

March 18th, 2013 at 10:27 pm

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VMwareTV: Horizon Suite Overview

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Written by Christoph Harding

February 23rd, 2013 at 2:35 pm

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VMware Mirage Series Part 3 – Console overview

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Welcome back to the VMware Mirage Series here at That’s my View. In previous parts of this series I’ve described what home lab I’m using for my Mirage infrastructure and how to install the Mirage Management Server, Mirage Server and the Mirage Management Console. This time you’ll get a walkthrough of the Console. I’ll try to explain all main options available.


Common Wizards

The common wizards page is an easy way to perform the most common tasks used in Mirage. From here you can deploy, manager, support and protect all Mirage endpoints. Here’s a list of all wizards.

  • Centralize Endpoint
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Assign Base Layer
  • Capture Base Layer
  • Windows 7 Migration
  • Base Layer Provisioning
  • Hardware Migration
  • Update App Layers
  • Capture App Layer
For now I’ll give you a brief description for each of the tasks but I’ll go deeper into detail in later parts of this series.

Centralize Endpoint

This option migrates the content of an endpoint to the Mirage Server. The endpoint needs the Mirage Client to be installed. After completing the centralization the endpoint will be protected and managed by the Mirage System.

Disaster Recovery

Here you can restore a Client Virtual Desktop (CVD) to the same or to a new endpoint i.e. in case of a hard drive failure.

Assign Base Layer

Assigning a base layer to a CVD or collection of CVD’s is done here. After validation the layer will be deployed to the selected endpoints over the network.

Capture Base Layer

Capturing a base layer means creating a template for the default content of an endpoint. This layer includes commonly the operating system, service packs, patches and the core applications i.e. VPN client or anti virus solution.

Windows 7 Migration

This options helps migrating an Windows XP endpoint to Windows 7 preserving all end user data.

Base Layer Provisioning

When provisioning a base layer to an endpoint you’re going to clean up the device for corporate usage. After applying the base layer the device will automatically migrate it’s content to the Mirage Server.

Hardware Migration

During the hardware migration a CVD can be migrated to a new virtual or physical endpoint.

Update App Layers

Editing and assigning app layers to endpoints connected to the Mirage System.

Capture App Layer

Capturing an app layer allows you to capture a set or a single application into a layer for deploying it to a large number of endpoints.


The Dashboard provides a monitoring functionality for the system status and the operations. In a few statistics you can see the system activities and alerts. Information to be found in the dashboard is:

  • System Status
  • Server Information
  • Update Progress
  • Data Protection Information
  • Compliance Meter gauge
  • Capacity Status Information
  • Efficiency Benchmarks

The information is provided in form of gauges, graphs and tables.

Task Monitoring

As the name already says the Task Monitoring gives you an overview of all tasks performed by the Mirage System. In a list you can see all tasks i.e. Cature an app layer or Assign a layer and their status, device and progress.


The Inventory node gives you access to all CVD’s and Collections. From here you can access devices in all states (Assigned, Pending and Rejected)

Image Composer

The Image Composer node is the main point to manage the base and app layers. Within this node you can also manage the Reference CVD’s and rules for all layers.

Driver Library

The driver library is a repository where all drivers for the Mirage endpoints are managed in. An Administrator can manage hardware specific drives here which are stored outside the layers. With an import wizard it’s possible to import new drivers. If configured the system will inject the necessary drivers to all relevant endpoints. The Driver Library copies the drivers from the Mirage system to the endpoints which will then be detected by the Windows Plug and Play mechanism.


The Mirage Reporting helps you to create different reports for storage, device, layer or hardware information. A very powerful tool.


Access the event and transaction logs from here. You can find loads of transactions information here i.e.

  • Centralize endpoint
  • Upload incremental changes
  • Update base layer
  • Update App Layer
  • Base Layer Caching
  • Base Layer Verification
  • Restore Prefetch
  • Restore streaning

The node gives you also the option to search and filter.

User and Roles

Within the user and role management you can define which user can access which functionality within the Mirage System. You can granularly define the roles as Mirage supports dynamic role-based access control (RBAC). A role can be grated to one or more groups from the Active Directory.

System Configuration

The System Configuration gives you control of the Mirage Servers, Volumes and Branch Reflectors.

I hope this has given you a first impression of the scope of the VMware Mirage solution. This is surely a very powerful tool!


Part 1:

Part 2:


Written by Christoph Harding

February 2nd, 2013 at 2:04 pm

Sample of VMware View 5 Building a Successful Virtual Desktop

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Bildschirmfoto 2013 01 11 um 15 39 24

In one of my last articles I’ve mentioned that there is a new VMware View book available. Please check this link, to find a sample of the book. There are just a few pages but you can get a first overview of what you’ll get when ordering.

If you like it, feel free to support us and order at

Written by Christoph Harding

January 11th, 2013 at 4:41 pm

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Overview of all VMware EUC books (January 2013)

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Yesterday I’ve posted an article about a new VMware View 5 book. During my research on Amazon I found that there are a few books available now. Here are an overview of all books I could find. There are also books in other languages but I’ve chosen only English books.

NewImage  VMware View 5: Building a Successful Virtual Desktop (

NewImage VMware View 5 Desktop Virtualization Solutions (

NewImage Mastering VMware View (

NewImage VMware ThinApp 4.7 Essentials (

Written by Christoph Harding

January 9th, 2013 at 11:43 pm

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Launching multiple instances of the VMware View Client for Mac OS X

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My colleague Tim Arenz from our Professional Services Organization has published a short blog posting about running the View Client for MacOS with multiple instances. As there is no built-in way of doing it, he found a quick and dirty workaround. This is very useful if you want to run multiple instances of VDI sessions i.e. as a Software Developer or Administrator.


Image Source:



Written by Christoph Harding

December 4th, 2012 at 10:49 am

Back from VMworld Europe 2012 – My thoughts

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It has been a busy week for me. Last Monday I left Germany via Frankfurt Airport and flew straight into Barcelona where VMworld Europe was taking place this year. The first thing I noticed after landing was that in Spain the weather conditions were more comfortable then last year in Copenhagen. When I arrived it was 23 degrees Celcius at 23:00h. A great start so far! The taxi drivers have been a bit annoying because they drive like hell, pass the traffic signal when it is red and try to rip you off. But anyway I made it to the hotel which was also a great place to stay. The hotel’s name was Barcelo Sants and if you ever go to Barcelona this is a hotel I can recommend. All in all the stay and travel arrangements were great but now let’s see what happened at VMworld!

IMG 1377

That is a shot of the entry at the Fira 2, the venue for this year. It was huge! Compared to Cannes, three years ago, the Spanish managed everything very well. I thought it was even better then Copenhagen. The people were very friendly and helpful and most of them could speak English. Next to my customer meetings I had the chance to visit some sessions and of course the showroom.

IMG 1360

This year I had the impression that everyone is talking about End User Computing, even Citrix had a booth there. The VMware booth was similar to the years before. All solutions are being presented. My interest was End user Computing of course and so I spoke to loads of colleagues who’ve done their booth duty. I got again a great overview of the VMware solutions. My favorites have been the Horizon Suite which is included Horizon Application manager, Horizon Mobile, Horizon Data and the AppBlast technology and also VMware View. Possibly you think that VMware View is nothing new but this year they’ve presented the Microsoft Lync 2013 integration which is fully supported by Microsoft including audio and video streaming. It was great to see that this combination performed well. 

IMG 1369

There where loads of other interesting technologies and solutions available at the vendor’s booth’s and I could write books about that that for me Teradici had the most impressive solution for demoing onsite. The PCoIP RDSH for Microsoft Terminal Server 2008. This was not breaking news to me as they’ve already presented it at VMworld in San Francisco but this was the first time I’ve seen it Live and I can just say that rocked! The performance was great! The demo showed a Zero Client, connecting to a Microsoft Terminal Server via PCoIP and the VMware View broker. Unfortunately they couldn’t tell me a lot about the licensing model.

IMG 1370

The APEX2800 PCoIP Offload Card was also demoed at the booth. They were using it in the Terminal Server demo but also in an ESX server for virtual desktops. The APEX is currently only available ale PCIe adapter but soon it should also come a MXM module for HP blade servers. This is great news as loads of customers are using blades where PCIe cards doesn’t fit.

Back to the VMware booth I was talking to a few guys from the End User Computing Business Unit and they could confirm what I felt the month before! The new VMware Mirage product is kicking off like a bomb! Every customer I talked to at VMworld was interested in the new solution and they thought that it makes sense how VMware is using the technology in the future! This was presented by Steve Herrod in the Day 2 keynote!

Written by Christoph Harding

October 13th, 2012 at 4:14 pm

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