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New book: VMware View Security Essentials

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It has been very busy recently with new VMware View related books. This time Daniel Langenhan has a new security book for us about the essentials for a VMware View environment.

The book is expected to be released in July 2013.

What will you learn from this book: (information taken from publishers website)

  • Create, use, and install SSL certificates
  • Acquire a new skill set in troubleshooting security issues
  • Learn about secure tunnelling your desktop connection with RDP and PCoIP
  • Understand the concepts of pairing View security and transfer severs with View connection servers
  • Understand the key aspects of blocking undesirable USB devices

And in details:

Most people associate security with network security and focus on firewalls and network monitoring. However, there is more to security than that. Security starts with the establishment of a stable environment, protecting this environment not only from intrusion, but also from malicious intent. It is about tracking the issue and recovering from it. These elements of security are what this book aims to address.

VMware View Security Essentials addresses the topic of security in the corporate environment in a new way. It starts with the underlying virtual infrastructure and then delves into securing your base, your connection, and your client. This is not only a “how-to” book, but is also a book that explains the background and the insights of View security for the experienced professional’s desktop virtualization.

This book takes you through the four major View security areas. Each area deals with all the aspects of security and explains the background as well as laying out simple-to-follow recipes to implement a higher security standard.

We start at the Virtualization base and work our way through the various View server types. We will then dive into the problems and issues of securing a connection before we address the security of the desktop itself. We conclude with a look into the backing up of our View installation and preparing for disaster recovery.



Written by Christoph Harding

July 18th, 2013 at 10:41 am

New VMware View Book – Implementing VMware Horizon View 5.2

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Again there is a new VMware View book available. This time it’s a detailed guide for implementing the virtual desktop infrastructure solution from VMware. The paperback has 390 pages but the book is also available as an eBook in several formats.


Here’s the table of contents:

Chapter 1: Designing a VMware Horizon View Infrastructure
Chapter 2: Implementing VMware Horizon View Connection Server
Chapter 3: Implementing VMware Horizon View Composer
Chapter 4: Implementing VMware Horizon View Transfer Server
Chapter 5: Implementing VMware Horizon View Security Server
Chapter 6: Using VMware ThinApp
Chapter 7: Implementing View Persona Management
Chapter 8: Creating VMware Horizon View Desktop Pools
Chapter 9: VMware Horizon View Client Options
Chapter 10: Performing View Desktop Maintenance
Chapter 11: Creating a Master Virtual Desktop Image
Chapter 12: Managing View SSL Certificates
Chapter 13: Implementing VMware Horizon View Group Policies
Appendix: Advanced Details about Key Horizon View Features

Buy the book at Amazon with this link.

Link: Packt Publishing 


Written by Christoph Harding

July 4th, 2013 at 4:40 pm

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Overview of all VMware EUC books (January 2013)

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Yesterday I’ve posted an article about a new VMware View 5 book. During my research on Amazon I found that there are a few books available now. Here are an overview of all books I could find. There are also books in other languages but I’ve chosen only English books.

NewImage  VMware View 5: Building a Successful Virtual Desktop (

NewImage VMware View 5 Desktop Virtualization Solutions (

NewImage Mastering VMware View (

NewImage VMware ThinApp 4.7 Essentials (

Written by Christoph Harding

January 9th, 2013 at 11:43 pm

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