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Disabling Bandwidth Throttling in Mirage to speed up your centralization

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Simon Long just published a new article on his Blog which will be interesting for the Mirage fans. Mirage is actually using a throttling technology which helps to reduce the network traffic produced during centralization of a client image. To speed up the centralization you can disable this functionality. Check Simon’s blog if you want to learn how it works.

By default Mirage enables bandwidth throttling. This can reduce the through-put between your desktops and your Mirage Servers to ensure you don’t saturate you WAN connections. However during Testing there is a good chance that all of your desktops are on the same LAN as the Mirage Servers. In which case you may not care if you use all of the bandwidth available, especially if it is going to mean less waiting around.


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Written by Christoph Harding

January 22nd, 2013 at 6:59 pm

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