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Back from VMworld Europe 2012 – My thoughts

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It has been a busy week for me. Last Monday I left Germany via Frankfurt Airport and flew straight into Barcelona where VMworld Europe was taking place this year. The first thing I noticed after landing was that in Spain the weather conditions were more comfortable then last year in Copenhagen. When I arrived it was 23 degrees Celcius at 23:00h. A great start so far! The taxi drivers have been a bit annoying because they drive like hell, pass the traffic signal when it is red and try to rip you off. But anyway I made it to the hotel which was also a great place to stay. The hotel’s name was Barcelo Sants and if you ever go to Barcelona this is a hotel I can recommend. All in all the stay and travel arrangements were great but now let’s see what happened at VMworld!

IMG 1377

That is a shot of the entry at the Fira 2, the venue for this year. It was huge! Compared to Cannes, three years ago, the Spanish managed everything very well. I thought it was even better then Copenhagen. The people were very friendly and helpful and most of them could speak English. Next to my customer meetings I had the chance to visit some sessions and of course the showroom.

IMG 1360

This year I had the impression that everyone is talking about End User Computing, even Citrix had a booth there. The VMware booth was similar to the years before. All solutions are being presented. My interest was End user Computing of course and so I spoke to loads of colleagues who’ve done their booth duty. I got again a great overview of the VMware solutions. My favorites have been the Horizon Suite which is included Horizon Application manager, Horizon Mobile, Horizon Data and the AppBlast technology and also VMware View. Possibly you think that VMware View is nothing new but this year they’ve presented the Microsoft Lync 2013 integration which is fully supported by Microsoft including audio and video streaming. It was great to see that this combination performed well. 

IMG 1369

There where loads of other interesting technologies and solutions available at the vendor’s booth’s and I could write books about that that for me Teradici had the most impressive solution for demoing onsite. The PCoIP RDSH for Microsoft Terminal Server 2008. This was not breaking news to me as they’ve already presented it at VMworld in San Francisco but this was the first time I’ve seen it Live and I can just say that rocked! The performance was great! The demo showed a Zero Client, connecting to a Microsoft Terminal Server via PCoIP and the VMware View broker. Unfortunately they couldn’t tell me a lot about the licensing model.

IMG 1370

The APEX2800 PCoIP Offload Card was also demoed at the booth. They were using it in the Terminal Server demo but also in an ESX server for virtual desktops. The APEX is currently only available ale PCIe adapter but soon it should also come a MXM module for HP blade servers. This is great news as loads of customers are using blades where PCIe cards doesn’t fit.

Back to the VMware booth I was talking to a few guys from the End User Computing Business Unit and they could confirm what I felt the month before! The new VMware Mirage product is kicking off like a bomb! Every customer I talked to at VMworld was interested in the new solution and they thought that it makes sense how VMware is using the technology in the future! This was presented by Steve Herrod in the Day 2 keynote!

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Written by Christoph Harding

October 13th, 2012 at 4:14 pm

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