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VMware Mirage Product Manager talks about Windows deployment

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VMware’s Product Manager Jay Tomlin who’s responsible for VMware Mirage has published an interesting read on the VMware End User Computing blog. He’s asking the question: “Why is it still a challenge to deploy Windows images to an end point?”.  There are a few reasons for that! Check the article to get an deeper insight.

Here’s a quick overview of the new functionality in version 3.6:

VMware Mirage v3.6 introduces the following features and improvements:

  • Base Layer (BL) Provisioning – Prepares a new device to be part of the organization by cleaning up the device files, applying an existing BL, and then seamlessly migrating the contents of the endpoint to the Mirage Server (as in Centralize Endpoint).
  • Fusion support – Mirage supports managing desktops running in a Fusion hypervisor for Macs.
  • Streaming enhancements
    1. During Restore processing, you can view the streaming status of each downloading file. You are notified if a file you try to open is not finished downloading, and advised when that file becomes ready for use.
    2. Performance improvements were implemented which promote faster response time and enhanced user experience.
  • Scalability improvements – Faster management console response time in larger scale CVD configurations.
  • Reconnecting a device to a CVD (Force Upload) – A device that has lost its synchronization for any reason can be reconnected to its CVD and can continue backing up incremental changes as before.
  • Default Policy Auto Selection
    1. In endpoint assignment wizard streams, a default Upload Policy (predefined in Security Settings) automatically applies to the endpoint if no other policy is specifically selected.
    2. Configuration tabs are more logically organized – Upload Policy selection moved from CVD Auto Creation tab to General tab.

If you want to try Mirage please visit this website:

To learn more about the solution you can download the data sheet or FAQ.



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