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Linux based Client Repurposing solution for VMware View

with 6 comments

Have you ever thought about reusing a old PC as access device for your virtual desktop infrastructure? There is now a free linux based solution available which can be configured online via web interface and then downloads as ISO image to your computer. After that just boot the ISO in a virtual machine for testing, install it on your PC’s or boot it via PXE.

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Written by Christoph Harding

June 14th, 2012 at 9:51 am

Posted in End User Computing,View Client

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  • Fritz Malk

    this is cool stuff. will this be a product?

  • Christoph Harding

    This is not a official VMware solution. If you’re interested in using it just let me know and I’ll give you a contact.

    2012/6/14 Disqus

  • Fritz Malk

    It would love to use it as it could help us with our old kiosk type of computer. please give me contact details

  • Christoph Harding

    Plz send me your details to christoph ADDD cd-k DOTTT DE

    2012/6/14 Disqus

  • FaZe

    Great solution! But setting¬†view.kbdLayout doesn’t work. For example: view.kbdLayout to “de”. Provided information is not assumed and it is still on us-keymap

  • Fabian

    Hi, you should be able to use: de-DE, en-US and similar keyboard mappings. However some keyboards may have problems even if the language was set correctly.

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