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New Teradici firmware 3.4.1 released

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Thanks to Jörg who brought up that Teradici just released a new firmware, version 3.4.1. These are the changes:

Release Details:

  • Support for pre-session user authentication using Gemalto .NET smartcards
  • Enhancements to VMware View client login dialog
    • Support for resetting a virtual machine (VM) before logging in
    • Moved the cursor to the password field by default when the user name is pre-populated.

Resolved Issues:

  • Fixed problem that prevented zero clients from establishing View brokered connections in systems that include the “&” and “’” characters in the domain name.
  • Fixed problem where two parameters in the DHCP request were in the wrong order. In some deployments this resulted in devices using gateway address
  • Fixed problem where some keys were incorrectly mapped on the Czech keyboard.
  • Fixed memory leak problem introduced in FW release 3.4.0 that caused the device network interface to become non-responsive. When this happens the device does not support sessions and cannot be managed via the network interface.
  • Fixed DVI VSYNC timing problem that caused interoperability issues with some displays and HDTVs.
  • Fixed problem that prevented in-session authentication from working when using SIPR smart cards. Note: pre-session authentication is not yet supported for SIPR cards.
  • Enable DNS SRV discovery on devices that have disabled DHCP.
  • Fixed problem where the OSD may display incorrect certificate data when a smart card contains more than one certificate.
  • Fixed problem where the Seac Banche® SB 1600 scanner does not work.
  • Fixed problem introduced in FW release 3.4.0 that caused poor imaging performance. The problem affected host cards with 64 MB of RAM. It also affected host cards with 128 MB of RAM running sessions with large display resolutions (dual 2560×1600).
  • Fixed problem introduced in FW release 3.3.0 where desktop icons become fuzzy while playing video. The problem occurs while network impairments are present.
  • Fixed problem introduced in FW release 3.4.0 where visual artifacts appear on the zero client secondary display while the host OS boots.

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Written by Christoph Harding

September 21st, 2011 at 10:33 am

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