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Some additional software needed on the Q550

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Even if I’m on vacation at the moment, I had time to play with the new toy. As I wrote a few days ago I’ve installed some software on the tablet including Zimbra and Microsoft Office. So good so far but I’ve seen that I need more software. Especially the synchronisation of data is a lack but this is the same with other devices i.e. laptops or smartphones. Dropbox or might be good candidates here. On the tablet where I’ve no proper keyboard and mouse it is even harder to copy files and folders to a centralized share. A automated sync service is a must in my eyes. By the way I’ve installed some printers drivers + PDF printer which was easy because there are loads of free tools for Windows 7 out there.

I also played a lot with the Q550 and my VMware View desktops but here I’m quiet unhappy at the moment. I’m waiting for the Port Replicator as it will enable me to use USB keyboard + mouse and also a DVI monitor. I guess this will help a lot.

At the moment I’m using the Q550 without 3G which is unhandy as I’m not owning a MiFi. I can only go online with WLAN which is not a big challenge as I’m using iPass. But this should get easier with the new Q550 version coming with 3G.

I’ll keep you posted on the port replicator test.

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Written by Christoph Harding

July 29th, 2011 at 11:22 am

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