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Zimbra (Software) Server Updates and Backup

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Due to some limitations with the Zimbra ZCS Open Source edition, especially the missing ActiveSync protocol feature I’ve decided to update my mail server to Zimbra Collaboration Suite Network Edition. The upgrade was easy going, just start the ./ script and let it go. The installer asks you for holding the configuration data and after 10-15 minutes my server was running the commercial version with a much better feature set. ActiveSync and mobile devices support are not the only features which I wanted. Also the integrated backup and software updating function was a good enhancement as I see today. I love the software update check which can be configured on a daily, hourly or minutely basis. It will inform you directly when a new release of the collaboration server is available. Great for me because I’m always forgetting to update my services to the newest release.


The good thing is that the update feature is not automatically upgrading your server when a new version is available. You can just configure ZCS to send you an email if a new update is available at the Zimbra website.

Also the backup is great. In the Open Source edition I had to write a script and run a Cron job to backup my server but now, with the Network Edition this is implemented in the admin console. Just selecting the Backup link offers me the option to do a full or an incremental backup of my server.


It’s also possible to do an easy restore for all accounts or just the accounts which have maybe a corrupt database or the users having deleted their data by mistake.


I think Zimbra ZCS Network Edition is a great competition for other collaboration solutions. It’s great that Zimbra can run in either the private or public cloud. If you haven’t  seen Zimbra yet, you should definitely  check it out at

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Written by Christoph Harding

May 20th, 2010 at 3:45 pm

Posted in Zimbra

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