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The Tablet (PC) to be everyone’s darling?

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Tablet PC’s are not new to me – no I’m a proud IBM Thinkpad x61T user for over 3 years. When I’ve bought the tablet my objective was to write notes with the digitizer and do interactive presentations i.e. whiteboardings, directly on a blank Powerpoint presentation. People who attended my presentations were amazed about this presentation style because it was unique to them. I’ve seen Tablet PC’s really rarely in the past but I guess that will change soon. Apple lately started to roust the market when they announced the iPad, a tablet which can be used just with your fingers without any need for a digitizer. Well there is a onscreen keyboard but no digitizer, the reason for me to buy a Tablet PC years ago. It seems that vendors must have another objective as mine. Even the processing power in an iPad is not comparable to a standard PC but to be honest it doesn’t need to be because it’s designed to consume web services – no, to be clear here: applications hosted in the cloud! There are other hardware vendors who want to get a piece of the big cake! Last week, the CIO magazine published an article with the headline: Rumor: Cisco Wants to Come to the Tablet Party. A tipster hinted that Cisco is working on it’s own tablet device which is based on Google’s Android operating system. It should include a front facing camera, dual noise-cancelling microphones and VPN access. Cool ha? That sounds really interesting! What could you do with this device? Video conferencing? Having access to your virtual desktop? If this rumour comes truth I’m really looking forward to look deeper into it. It seems that Apple just started to revolutionize the tablet market, the iPad is great marketing for every tablet vendor and also for Software-as-a-Service.

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Written by Christoph Harding

April 26th, 2010 at 11:02 am

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