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VMware View 3.1.2 available now

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VMware View 3.1.2 download

Release notes

What’s New in View Manager 3.1.2

VMware View Manager 3.1.2 is a maintenance release that resolves some known issues in the previous releases. Refer the Resolved Issues section for more details.

This release also includes one new feature.
Virtual Printing Multi Session Support

In this release, the virtual printing (ThinPrint) feature is updated to provide support to the users connected to multiple virtual desktops. With this update, the ThinPrint client enables users to map the printers on each virtual desktop that you are connected to.

Resolved Issues

The resolved issues are grouped as follows:

* Install and Upgrade
* View Administrator
* View Client
* View Composer
* Miscellaneous

Install and Upgrade

* When creating and preparing the guest system, you must install View Agent, after all other third-party applications are installed. If you uninstall View Agent after installing additional third-party applications, certain registry entries for the third-party applications might be lost. After installing View Agent, if you want to install additional third-party applications on the guest, you must first uninstall the View Agent. Applications known to be affected by the installation order include Microsoft AppV, vmSight ConnectorID, and Citrix XenApp.
This issue is resolved in this release.
* Effect of stopping VMwareVDMDS service on View 3.1 upgrade (KB 1012990)
* Upgrading View 3.1 to 3.1.1 clears View Connection Server settings from LDAP (KB 1013300)

View Administrator

* On rare occasions, View Administrator might display IllegalStateException errors (KB 1011392)
* View displays incorrect backup-time of View server (KB 1011390).

View Client

Desktop connections become slow when a View Client is running in a Citrix ICA session
When you connect virtual desktops using a View Client that is running in a Citrix ICA session, the virtual desktop connections are very slow compared to the connections using native RDP (mstsc.exe). This issue occurs because when the View Client runs in full-screen mode, it does not use the native full-screen mode of RDP ActiveX controls, and non full-screen mode does not function properly with Citrix ICA session.
This issue is resolved in this release.
View Composer

* View fails to automatically delete virtual machines in a multi-broker environment

In a multi-broker environment, when the Power off and delete virtual machine after first use option is enabled for non persistent pool, and many users log out of the virtual machines at the same time, View Manager sometimes fails to delete the virtual machines due to a race condition.
The issue is resolved in this release.
* View takes more time to delete virtual machines from a non-persistent pool if you enable Power off and delete virtual machine after first use (KB 1013760)

* If the Power off and delete virtual machine after first use option is enabled, virtual machines in non-persistent pools are disabled when accessed through direct Windows RDP/VI Client
When an administrator accesses a virtual machine through a direct Windows RDP client or VI Client console and then logs out, View Agent disables the virtual machine. Due to this issue, the virtual machine becomes inaccessible, and the number of unusable virtual machines in the desktop pool increases. When a desktop user tries to log in to that pool using View Client or Web Access, the following message might appear on the Connection Server even if some of the virtual machines in that desktop pool is in a Ready state:
All connections are busy, please try again
This issue occurs when you use RDP to access a virtual machine on which the Power off and delete virtual machine after first use option is enabled.
The issue is resolved in this release.
* In full-screen mode Windows special key combinations are not redirected to virtual desktops
In full-screen mode, View Client does not redirect Windows special key combinations (Windows+<Key>) to the remote desktop. This issue is inconsistent with the direct RDP.
The issue is resolved in this release.
* The vdmadmin.exe -L option does not remove existing pool assignments (KB 1008838)
* Each time a user logs in to a virtual machine that is deployed from a template on which the View 3.1 Agent is installed, a Windows Explorer window opens in the host machine.
This issue is resolved in this release.
* Network vulnerability scan shows View Manager accepting weak cipher
A network vulnerability scan shows that a pair of weak cipher-suites are being accepted by View Connection Servers. The two weak cipher-suites are now excluded from the list of enabled cipher-suites.

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