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View VM naming pattern

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The hostname naming conventions in companies are very different and mostly the come from the early days of IT. In banks for example often they are using a prefix or suffix with an increasing number. With VMware View it’s possible to use naming patterns to customize the hostname. By default the prefix can be up to 13 characters in length and some numeric suffix is appended to that in order to distinguish each desktop from others in the pool.

This behaviour can be overwritten by entering a name with a special token which can appear everywhere in the name. For example you could use: comp-{n}-uter. The variable {n} is after deploying replaced with the pool number of the desktop. You can also use fixed length tokens if you enter: comp-{n:fixed=3}. After deployment again the name looks like: comp-001, comp-002 and so on. A 15 character limit applies to the name that contains a token.

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Written by Christoph Harding

May 1st, 2009 at 11:55 am

  • mehmet colakoglu


    This information is correct but there is some limitations for naming. Our Bank customer tested Vmware View and they realized problem regarding with naming. You can create VM name comp01 to comp50 but it’s can’t continue later with comp51 52 53 to comp100. But solution will come Q3 or Q4 of 2009. Please wait View 4.


  • Christoph Dommermuth

    Why should that not work? It depends on how you’ve configured the pool. Just go to the advanced settings for the pool end define that you want to use 100 desktops in total starting with 50 or whatever. That should work.

  • Wolf

    Number of desktops (minimum): 30
    Number of desktops (maximum): 99
    Number of desktops (available): 10
    Stop provisioning on error: Yes
    VM naming pattern: TNXVGA{n:fixed=2}
    Power off and delete virtual machine after first use: Yes
    Automatic logoff after disconnect: After 180 minute(s)

    With this Config I tried to limit the names to 8 characters in length ,
    but then I get an error when the first machines are destroied, because it didn’t start at 1 again, it tries to create number 100 and fails. as a workarround I delete the pool an recreate it, so numberinmg starts again at 1. (we use V 3.01)

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