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Quickprep OU configuration

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With VMware View 3 and the View Composer it is possible to create automated desktop pools using the linked clone technology and saving storage through that. Within the configuration you can directly set an organizational unit in the Active Directory for the desktops in the automated desktop pool.

The following example shows how to configure the OU. A desktop should be member of the OU XP. The OU XP is already a sub OU of View. In the Active Directory management console it looks like that:


The OU XP is a sub OU of VIEW. Seen on the forums people try to add the OU in Quickprep in the order seen here: (OU=VIEW,OU=XP), but get an error message when provisioning desktops. This order is wrong! The desktops must be added like:


The first entry in the list needs to be the last container in which the desktop resists followed by the parent OU’s. It’s not required to enter the domain name i.e.

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Written by Christoph Harding

April 16th, 2009 at 6:33 pm

  • Adam Hess

    My domain has (from the domain root) Desktops -> Desktops -> Virtual Machines. I’ve tried OU=Virtual Machines, OU=Desktops, OU=Desktops but it still fails. I’m thinking the space in Virtual machines might be a problem. Or maybe one of them is a CN instead of an OU, but not sure how to determine such.

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